I'm a 'normal' guy called Dave. I'm a husband, a father, and a dog owner. This is my life.

Normal food

Here is where we get as non-technical as possible. I’m not cooking for competition, im cooking to give my kids something to do other than annoy me all day.
All recipe’s and instructions will be based on the fact that time is precious, and not all prescribed steps are necessary when cooking. They assume you have kids, pets, significant others or all of the above running around and interrupting you. Read to the end of each page to find any mistakes i made or lessons i learned whilst preparing them.

If you learn from a mistake, it ceases to be a mistake and becomes a lesson.

Normal sponge cake
Here i detail how to (and how not to) bake a sponge cake. This was my second attempt, first one turned out great, but i made that before i made this site so didnt take any photos. Standard ingredients, and some extras i added, and how to turn them into a cake.

Bake with mother
After my first (successful) attempt at baking a ‘normal’ cake with the kids. Emma and the kids decided they could do better.

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