I'm a 'normal' guy called Dave. I'm a husband, a father, and a dog owner. This is my life.

Welcome to normal.

Welcome to me. I should warn you, this site contains no pretentious poncery, no pretty boy poses, no filtered duck face image galleries. Everything on here is me. I’m unapologetically lazy, I complain a LOT, and I will almost definitely accidentally upset or insult someone.

This site aims to give a normal look at what life is like. Projects aren’t completed to a strict timetable, they don’t (usually) look showroom perfect when completed, recipes are followed in a very basic fashion, and nothing EVER goes as planned. Sometimes this works out well, but usually this ends in disaster.

Now that we’ve got that out the way, on to the ‘good’ stuff. Feel free to nosey around, get an insight into who i am, and judge me accordingly. Or something.

(I’m not an outwardly expressive person, so this is all new to me. Give me a break.)

This site was created on 17th January 2021, so if it looks a little empty right now, give me a flipping break. I get to edit this when everyone else is in bed. The place is a bit messy, but you have no idea how difficult this is to do on a mobile. I have no idea how they managed to turn something so easy, into such an insanely difficult task.

Thanks for popping by.

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