I'm a 'normal' guy called Dave. I'm a husband, a father, and a dog owner. This is my life.

My DIY handywork

When we bought this house it had been empty for a few years. It had been maintained, but never updated or improved. So, with me being all manly and stuff, i set out to make some improvements. At least, thats the plan. After all im a man, and men are naturally good at DIY. How difficult can it be?! (You can’t tell, but I’m laughing so hard at the sarcasm in this.)

When we had our second child, we realised the box room needed extended. Here’s how that went.
Breaking out of the box (room) pt1.

After the box was built, i had to build a second box to reach the far wall as a base for a bed.
Breaking out of the box (room) pt 2.

As i usually work in an office, when lockdown hit i had to make alternate arrangements. The kitchen table was ok for a while. As time went by, i opted for a more suitable arrangement and built a temporary office in my dining room. Here’s how i got on. Office space