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Normal sponge cake

    250g white sugar.
    250g self raising flour.
    250g butter (not margarine)
    6 eggs (turned out to be too many, best to use 4)
Thats it. Thats your cake. Plain sponge cake recipe. You can add some more stuff to fancy it up or add flavour to it if you want, but remember. If you add something wet, add a bit more flour. If you add something too dry, add a little milk if its a small amount of dry, or another egg if its a lot of dry ingredient. As long as its as thick as custard, you’ll (probably) be fine.
Most cake recipe’s call for a teaspoon of vanilla essence, however i have personally never tasted a cake and thought “ooh, you know what, you can really taste the vanilla in that”, or “its a nice cake, but it could really do with a dash of vanilla”. So that part is entirely optional.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Put all the ingredients in a bowl at the same time. Mix the life out of them. When it looks like custard, put it in a cake tin. Put the cake tin in the oven, set a timer for 45 minutes, go for a cuppa.
When your 45 minutes is up, stick a metal skewer or a knife through the top centre of the cake. If it comes out clean, your cake’s ready. If it comes out with some squidgy cakey stuff on it, check it again in 10 minutes. Repeat until the cake no longer bleeds when you stab it.
Boom, you have a cake.
Now, im not going to lie, marshmallow in a cake was a stupid idea. They’re greasy, they make your cake look burnt on the top when the inside is still raw, and you have to saw the top off because its all caramelised. But, now i know. Also, i should have stopped at 5 eggs.

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