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Lockdown loot

April 2020, lockdown had bedded in, everyone was bored. So i came up with a game that we could all play.
I called it “Lockdown Loot”.
Rules are basically the same as secret santa.
Names in a hat (virtual), get a name by DM. you have 2 weeks to have a present (costing no more than £5 including p&p) delivered to your “loot buddy”.
If the lockdown continued after the deadline, we do it again. And again, until lockdown ends.
Best loot each fortnight gets to be “loot master” and doesnt have to participate, they draw names and judge the next round.

Its remarkably tricky and fun trying to find something good for someone else, for under a fiver including delivery. I managed to get a few deals on Etsy shops by explaining the game and haggling to get the price down to a fiver.

Who fancies a game?

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