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Fuzzy Bunny challenge.

So we got into May, and my wife decided i should take the Fuzzy Bunny challenge after seeing it on a clip show on T.V. I’m not the greatest fan of videos of myself, so i was a little apprehensive. But, after a little persuading on her part, and a little emotional blackmail from my daughter, i finally agreed.

1 Pack of giant marshmallows. Pop 1 in your mouth at a time. You must say “Fuzzy Bunny” after each one goes in.

Emma went first and set my target. I had to beat that, and i do love a challenge. Here’s her attempt.

And here’s mine.

(If attempting this yourselves, be very careful. Choking is a very real risk. My wife is a fully qualified nurse, so i had medical assistance on hand if anything were to have gone wrong. At the very least, you should research what to do in a choking situation.)

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